Facebook reveals the type of person you are

People who have the habit of making more friends on Facebook are likely described as materialistic persons.

A new study shows that materialistic persons view friends on Facebook as digital objects and therefore they spend much time on Facebook adding friends so they will have more. While those who do not care during their life acquiring many things, do not care also about the number of friends on Facebook and they do not add people who they do not know.

The study also shows that the yearning of these materialist persons leads them to compare the number of friends they have with others.

The study author, Phillip Ozimek notes that Facebook is the perfect platform for comparisons between people, as it has a lot of information on people. He adds that materialistic persons succeed in obtaining many things especially when these are free, an opportunity offered by Facebook.

Following an online questionnaire among 242 Facebook users, researchers found that there is a great link between materialism and intense activity on Facebook.

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