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Failure to pay rent results in punch-up

Antoine Saliba, 36, was awarded a conditional discharge on condition that he does not commit another crime for a period of six months after he was found guilt of casing slight injuries on the person of Joseph Borg.

The Court heard how two men quarrelled after Borg failed to pay rent and was asked to leave the property belonging to the accused’s parents.

Video recordings and pictures presented in Court show that Saliba was the first to punch Joseph Borg, hitting him in the eye. As a result, Borg and two of his friends – Silverster Zahra and Joseph Borg, gave chase.

The prosecution led by Inspectors Anthony Cachia and Roderick Agius, said that in the video, Zahra u Borg can be seen hitting the accused. When giving evidence, Dr. Maria Galea said that Saliba had several injuries of a grievous nature including one which was 5cm deep.