Fair Game and Country – Ta’ Qali Expo Malta

A fair for hunting enthusiasts is being organised at Ta ‘Qali, where one can finds items related to various aspects of the way hunting is practised in Malta and beyond.

The hunting tradition often evokes contrasting reactions but Public Relations Officer of the Federation for Hunting and Conservation, Lucas Micallef, argues that hunting is embedded in the Maltese people and goes back to the first communities who lived on the Maltese islands.

He said that over time and in particular in the sixteenth century, hunting transformed itself into a social and recreational practice by the Knights of St. John.

During the Game and Country Expo held in Ta ‘Qali, Mr Micallef explained how the sport continued to evolve so much so that today’s hunters need to be aware of the sustainability of hunting. To this end, hunting regulations have been tightened.

“When we take something from nature… we want to have peace of mind, not just for ourselves but also for future generations – that the animal and bird populations worldwide must remain strong. And we do a lot of conservation work to create a habitat and we can safely say that we are also the guardians of many of the global campaigns … and many of the birds held on private land belong to hunters.”

On display at the Expo is equipment related to hunting with fifteen thousand hunting and trapping representatives from within the community talking about their hobby. There are also sections devoted to traditions and crafts and exhibition on birds and hunting dogs.

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