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Family of three rescued as a result of others’ carelessness

A father, his son and a girlfriend can count themselves lucky after they were rescued as a result of  the carelessness of third parties.

Curtis Whitson, together with his son and the latter’s girlfriend, had decided to spend some days exploring the Arroyo Seco river and the surrounding area, when they ended up trapped in a narrow passageway which filled up with water.

The three persons found they could not get out of the passageway as the amount of water had increased considerably, and it was too dangerous for them to move.

A discarded plastic bottle ended up saving their lives, after they scratched the word HELP on it and wrote a message on a piece of paper they happened to be carrying. Whitson explained that they threw the bottle into the water, hoping it would be carried by the current until someone eventually found it.

Luckily for them, the bottle was carried along on the water until two men who were hiking in the area spotted and retrieved it. When they opened the bottle and read the message inside it, they immediately called up the authorities for assistance.

Whitson said he was very relieved as soon as he heard the noise of an Army helicopter, with the pilot informing them help was on the way. Whitson is now on a personal mission to trace the two men who made the important phone call, to thank them personally for saving him and his family from almost certain death.

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