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Family starved vulnerable youth to death

In England, the family of a youth, Jordan Burling, were accused of starving him to death.

Burling, an 18-year old vulnerable youth, was found in Leeds in a state of abandonment in 2016. He had died of a heart attack and weighed less than 37 kilograms.

Burling’s mother, Dawn Cranston, together with her mother Denise were found guilty of causing Jordan’s death.

Investigations showed that Burling had suffered from malnutrition for six months before he died. He also developed injuries leaving him with exposed bones due to the fact that the youth was bedridden.

His family said that the young man’s weight used to vary, however he deteriorated in his weight with a fast rate from April 2016 until he could no longer move.

The family never called a doctor for assistance.

Police constable Ben McNamara, who found the boy dead, stated that he was surprised by the lack of empathy shown by his family when his mother asked about the cost of the funeral.


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