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Farmer’s unusual remedy for mastitis in cows

A farmer living in Easter Ross, in the Highlands, found an easy remedy to cure one of his cows which was sick.

Mastitis is a common condition in milk-producing cows. It tends to develop when the cows produce considerable quantities of milk and are not milked.

The farmer pointed out that the cow’s calf was always getting its milk from the same part of the udder.

According to the farmer, the bra shown in the photograph helps the cow to reduce the pain and inflammation in its udder.

The farmer added that he has come up with this solution in the cow’s best interests, and made sure he used a bra made of soft material.

The farmer pointed out that there is always the choice of milking the cow to reduce the pressure, but there is also a risk of hurting the cow, and the cow may then kick out and hurt the person milking her.



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