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Police officials alleged to have committed extra duties abuses once more granted Police bail

Many of the Police officials alleged to have committed extra duties abuses in the Traffic Section have once more been granted Police bail while remaining suspended from their duties.

In a further development, Parliament began discussing amendments to enable a call for applications for the position of Commissioner of Police which will for the first time be enabled through a public call and with the selection process being carried out by the Public Service Commission.

A total of 31 Police officials were enabled to return home as the result of the extended bail in recent hours when they were recalled to Police HQ as the previous period of bail granted a week earlier when investigations had begun had expired. The abuses are alleged to have reached many thousands of euro. The abuse revolves around payment for extra duties outside working hours, including that of attendance at large infrastructural projects.

In the latest communication on the case five days ago, Police Authorities said investigations had led to the arrest of 41 officials but so far nobody has been arraigned in Court.

In consequence, the Police Traffic Section has over 80% of its members under investigation and this Friday will see the closing of the application period for those wishing to be incorporated in this section. Sources stated that a low number of applications have been received.

During the programme ‘Ras imb Ras’, former Assistant Police Commissioner, Josie Brincat, said that following such developments he hopes that a proper scrutiny structure will be put in place to ensure that such abuses do not take place. He said that even during his time with the Corps abuses used to take place but the necessary steps had been taken.

He said that if officials and superior officers carry out surprise inspections to check presence and the work being carried out, such abuse will perforce decrease.

The former Assistant Police Commissioner showed his understanding that there should be officials within the Corps responsible for the maintenance of discipline. He opined that a total and radical reform is needed by the Corps.

He further said a strong reshuffle is needed and that salaries and working conditions need to be improved. The Academy’s structure needs to be updated in line with current times in order for there to be progress.

Brincat maintained that reforms can only take place if a disciplinary code is maintained.

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