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Father abandons Meghan just days before Royal wedding – who will replace him?

Just days before they are to get married, Prince Harry and his bride-to-be Meghan Markle are faced with a big headache, with Meghan’s father deciding he will not accompany his daughter to the altar on the day of the wedding.

The news caused quite a furore, and many are now asking who will accompany Meghan to the altar and present her to Prince Harry on Saturday.

Thomas Markle announced his decision with TMZ yesterday, after it became known that he had been seen in an internet cafe’ negotiating with a photographer for photographs to be taken of him preparing for his daughter’s wedding, and this with the intention of his making some money.

A spokesman for Kensington Palace stated that this was a personal issue, and urged for respect to be shown towards the couple, who are going through a rather difficult situation.

Speculation has already started about who will replace Meghan’s father.  International media are speculating that Thomas Markle’s place will be taken by Prince Charles, Meghan’s father-in-law, but Prince William – who will be Best Man on the occasion – is also being mentioned.



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