Father and abducted son reunited after 24 years

A man who has been searching for his son since 1997 after he was kidnapped in front of his own house, has managed to find him.

For 24 years Guo Gangtang went round 20 provinces in China in search of his son, so much so that he gained popularity and six years ago a film was made about his story.

The end of the real story is now a happy one, as thanks to DNA the Police managed to find his son and arrest two people suspected of having abducted the boy.

Police believe the boy was playing in front of the family home in Shandong province when he was abducted by a woman who took him to a public transportation station, where he met her partner.

Together the couple took the boy to Henan province, where the boy was sold to a third party. The boy, now a man, has lived in this province to this day.

While looking for his son, Guo became a well-known figure in kidnapped children’s organizations, helping several other parents find their children. Child abduction is a major problem in China, with thousands of children abducted each year.