Father attacks rat trying to enter mouth of sleeping son

rat attackAmir Salehi, aged 5, suffered serious facial, hand and leg injuries when he was attacked by a rat while he was asleep.

When his father, Gholam, 37, went to check whether his son was sleeping peacefully at their home in Holloway, London, he found a foot long rat on his son’s face, trying to enter his mouth. Gholam immediately began to fight off the rat and prevent him from entering his son’s mouth. Gholam said the rat was trying to attack the boy’s throat, and in fact when he saw him in the boy’s mouth, he thought his son was already dead. He said his son was already covered with blood. The father fought off the rat with a baseball bat, but the rat was very strong and fearless, and according to Gholam, began to fight back.

The father said that in his opinion this incident happened because of the amount of rubbish in the roads which has led to an increase in the rat population in the area. The father is afraid to remain in his home because he fears that there is a rat infestation nearby and that a similar incident can happen again. On its part the local council in Islington said that when it investigated the house and community earlier this year, they found no evidence of rats.