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Father kills son during argument between them in Ħal Għaxaq

A 68-year old father from Ħal Għaxaq, Salvu Dalli known as Danger Man, is being held under custody by the Police after he allegedly killed his 37-year old son, Antoine Dalli, with a shotgun on Friday morning.

The lifeless body of the victim, a father of two children, was found in the bathroom while his father allegedly cooperated with Police as he was arrested in his home where the murder occurred.

The victim is also known with the Police on theft and drug abuse crimes, among others. Sources told TVM that this is not the first time that the father and his son argued and came to blows.

Following the shooting incident, the Police found suspect Salvu Dalli at home where the shooting had just occurred. He immediately confessed with police that he shot and killed his son. The elderly man was arrested and is expected to be arraigned soon in Court. Magistrate Rachel Montebello visited the crime site and appointed an inquiry.

Last February, Salvu Dalli was handed a suspended prison sentence and fined €500 after admitting in Court of an attempted assault on the former wife of his son, alleging that she took possession of some things, included an old sewing machine. On that incident, a penknife was used, while the Court ordered a four-year protection for the victim.

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