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Father of two tried to commit suicide and was on the brink of death three times

Henry, a father of two, is fighting a battle against drug abuse and its consequences. After 35 years as a drug abuser; he has been on the brink of death three times, and today is determined to overcome the addiction which has taken over his life, with the help of Caritas. TVM spoke to Henry, whose name has been changed to protect his identity.

Henry is determined not to become just another statistic in another drug abuse case. He says that this time he is convinced he will overcome his addiction once and for all. In a broken voice, he describes how he was almost going to die three times when he tried to commit suicide because of the depression he fell into as a result of his drug dependency.

”There were things which I did not accept in my life and I only learned about these things over time. I started taking pills, whatever I could lay my hands on, and it was like I never knew where I was. I tried to kill myself three times, once with heroin and once will pills. I even tried to hang myself,” says Henry.

We met him at a rehab centre where he has been following a Caritas programme for several months which aims to prepare him for a future without drugs. He said that he has been abusing drugs his whole life, starting from a young age, from heroin to cocaine, marijuana to synthetic drugs. He describes how drugs have led him to steal and become detached from those who are closest to him.

”In reality, drugs do not allow you to respect others. You become egotistic. You hurt others just like you hurt yourself. There is no other road for me to take but to take hold of myself and keep going the way I am now.”

Henry described his drug abuse as a situation where one is always losing because drugs corrupt your mind, body and soul. Despite this, he says that where there is life, there is hope and he hopes that his story will serve as a message of encouragement for those who have ended up consumed by their addiction so that they will not give up but try to seek help.