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Father replies to ex-wife about their children in Australia

In the wake of the story broadcast by TVM about the mother who alleged she has not seen her two children in Australia for six weeks, the father, through his lawyer in Malta, stressed he had offered that access to the children be split on a 50-50 basis, adding that the mother had turned down this arrangement.

The father further stated that the mother was aware of her children’s whereabouts as he had not taken them away from his residence, and insisted that he is in conformity with the law.

In a statement, the father reminded that the mother of his children had taken the children illegally from Australia in December 2016 whilst he was at work, and this in contravention of the Hague Convention.

The father explained that he had spent two and a half years in a legal battle to take his children back to Australia, where they returned following a sentence handed down by the Maltese Civil Court in February this year, and confirmed by the Court of Appeal.

TVM offered the father the same opportunity it had given the mother to speak about his experience, but the father, through his lawyer, opted to reply through a statement.

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