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UPDATED: Salvu Dalli pleads not guilty to killing his son with shotgun

68-year-old Salvu Dalli, a resident of Ħal Għaxaq, has been detained under arrest after being charged with shooting at and killing his 37-year-old son Antoine. The case goes back to Friday morning in Ħal Għaxaq itself, with Salvu Dalli denying in Court the charges against him. In a crime conference before the Court arraignment, the Police explained that no one else is being interrogated about this crime.

Accompanied by his two sons, 68-year-old Dalli denied the charge of killing his other son Antoine with a shot from a firearm.

Arraigned before Magistrate Astrid May Grima, Dalli was also charged with breaching a two-year suspended sentence handed down by the Court in February, and with keeping a firearm close to places of habitation.

Defence Counsel stated that up to a month ago Dalli had been undergoing treatment at Mount Carmel Hospital, and although no request was made for bail, Defence asked for Dalli to be given the necessary treatment. The court acceded to the request, and the accused will remain under arrest at Corradino Correctional Facility.

Salvu Dalli was arraigned in Court shortly after the conclusion of a crime conference, during which a Police spokesman said it resulted from an autopsy on 37-year-old Antoine Dalli that the victim had died from one shot to his stomach.

Bradon Pisani stated that at about 11.10 a.m. on Friday, an anonymous call was received at Zejtun Police Station, followed shortly after by another call to the Police control room, with information that a shooting had taken place in Ħal Għaxaq.

“First on the scene were three officers from the Major Crimes Department, who were in the vicinity on other duties. The officers knocked on the door which was opened by a man, and it resulted he was the 68-year-old who indicated to the Police that his son was in the bathroom. The Police also noted a pool of blood in the corridor and drops of blood along all the corridor up to the bathroom. When they entered the bathroom, the officers found a man lying there apparently lifeless, and summoned medical assistance, and a doctor certified the man dead at the scene,” Pisani added.

The weapon was found on the bed and was taken away by the Police. The spokesman explained that everything pointed to the motive for the murder being a family issue. The spokesman stated that the Police interrogated Salvu Dalli, the father of the victim, adding that no one else was being interrogated by the Police.

Asked by TVM whether both Salvu and Antoine Dalli were known to the Police, Pisani said both had past cases with different charges, they had been spoken to by the Police on a number of occasions, and steps were taken against them on other issues.

The crime conference was attended by Superintendent Ramon Cassar from the Major Crimes Department and District Superintendent Josric Mifsud.

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