Father who loses daughter to cancer works tirelessly for Puttinu

Noel Bugeja lost his daughter to cancer seven years ago and three years ago discovered that he too had cancer. Despite the fact that he is not completely cured, he still does his utmost to help Puttinu in a marathon which will begin tomorrow at the Marsa Sports Grounds.

Seven years ago Noel Bugeja and his wife Ritianne went through hell when they lost their only daughter Amber, after a long battle with cancer. Amber was four and a half. Noel said that the last seven years had not been easy for him and his wife.

“The last seven years were not easy but when Amber died she left us a lot of love which we carry with us every day. We feel her spirit alive among us.”.

Three years ago Noel received the news that he too had cancer.

Noel Bugeja: “I also found out that I had cancer, it came as a big shock for my wife and family but I prayed to my daughter. Even when I undergo treatment, I look at my daughter’s photo”.

Although he is still doing treatment, he is working tirelessly for the Puttinu marathon which will begin tomorrow Friday until Sunday.

“I urge you to come and give donations, and those who can’t come, to call and I thank everyone for their generosity”.

With Amber in his heart and together with other families, Noel is determined to work for Puttinu in a marathon that celebrates love and courage.

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