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Father wins custody of child – had impregnated her 14-year old mother

A man won the full custody of his 4-year old daughter after a Court decided that the mother, who suffers from a mental condition, had no interest in the child and is not capable of taking care of her.

The Court heard that the mother gave birth to the girl when she was 14 years old following a one-year relationship with the father. The relationship ended shortly after the birth of the baby.

Some months later, the girl’s father informed by Aġenzija Appoġġ that his daughter’s mother was being cared for by the state following a request by her father, who couldn’t control her rebellious behaviour. It was stated that she suffered from ADHD and at times was treated at Mount Carmel.

The man had to take care of the baby, while the mother was allowed to see her under supervision. He stated that the mother did not show interest in her daughter as she grew up and has not seen her since August 2016. On occasions when she took their daughter, she returned her in a bad state, hungry and with a dirty nappy.

The father further stated that the mother had no stable life and meanwhile has another two-year old child from a relation with another man, and was pregnant again with another man. He also received reports of the woman’s loitering for prostitution.

Presiding Judge Abigail Lofaro considered that the mother did not appear in court to contest the proceedings nor request access to her daughter and therefore decided to give full custody of the daughter to the father, and that the mother should pay for her maintenance.

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