Football club apologises for placing sex dolls in stands during a match

A football club in South Korea apologised after its fans accused them of using blow up sex dolls in the stands during a football match.

FC Seoul insisted that the dolls were high quality mannequins and not sex dolls, however it admitted that it had bought them from a sex toy supplier.

Some dolls which were placed in the stands were holding signs advertising porn sites despite the fact that porn is banned in South Korea.

Yesterday FC Seoul played its first match of the season.  The ground was empty because of the restrictions to safeguard against Covid-19.

Before the match started, Dalcom offered to fill the empty chairs and the club found no objection.

In all there were 30 mannequins, 25 female and 5 male.

However, the fans who were watching the match on the Internet, noticed that some of the mannequins were dressed like sex dolls and this led the football club to apologise on Instagram and Facebook.

Club official, Lee Ji-hoon said that the club had not checked with Dalcom but the company had insisted that they were mannequins. Lee said that the dolls looked real and it did not even occur to him that they were sex toys.

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