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Fearne reiterates that persons without vaccine certificate cannot visit Malta for holidays

The highest number of positive cases in one day in three and a half months was registered today.

Deputy PM and Health Minister Chris Fearne said that between 85 and 90 per cent of the infected persons are not vaccinated. Interviewed on Realta’ programme, transmitted on TVM at 10pm, Dr Fearne said that Malta has already the needed doses so that, in case it is scientifically needed, the third dose will be given to those who were among the first who received the vaccine.

Yesterday’s tests resulted in 179 new Covid cases. Two persons who were infected have recovered, while there are currently 634 persons in Malta who are positive to the virus.

During Realta’ programme, the Health Minister said that the risk that a person who is not vaccinated ends up in hospital if the person is infected with the virus is great. He said that there is one person at the ITU who is not vaccinated.

Figures published by the health authorities show that the number of persons who are fully vaccinated has surpassed the 350,000 mark. On Sunday, 1,005 doses were given, bringing the number of doses given since the beginning of the national vaccination programme at the end of December to 706,000.

Dr Fearne stated that Malta is studying whether there is the need of starting giving the third dose of the vaccine to those who were vaccinated in the beginning of the vaccination programme.

“We have the available resources, that it the necessary vaccines are here – we have freezers and everything organised – the logistics is in place. If we take the scientific decision that we use the booster to certain categories of people, we will do this”.

The deputy Prime Minister announced that two walk-in clinics will open on Monday: at the University of Malta and at the Aurora Theatre in Gozo for Maltese and foreigners who live in Malta and have not yet been vaccinated and want to be inoculated without an appointment. The vaccination will also be administered without appointment in a mobile clinic which is visiting places. Today week, the clinic will be in Mosta Technopark, while Dr Fearne said that children have still to wait for their vaccine appointment.

Asked about Maltese who live abroad, the Minister said that those who are resident outside the EU or the United Kingdom may come to Malta only for particular reasons through a permission by the Public Health Superintendent. “However, to come for a holiday in our country without a vaccine certificate, this is not possible”.

The Opposition agrees with the Government’s latest measures that tourists visiting Malta should have a recognised certificate that the person is fully vaccinated and the closure of English schools, which he said could have been anticipated.

Speaking during the same programme, Opposition health spokesperson Stephen Spiteri said that this is needed so that the sacrifices made in recent months are not in vain. “Part of it is yes a tourist visiting Malta should be fully vaccinated to drastically reduce the risk of the virus being locally transmitted”.

Referring to the vaccination programme, Dr Spiteri said this was successful, efficient and is providing results, however he said that this is not enough.

Meanwhile, the deputy Prime Minister is in isolation and working from home after a member of his family resulted positive to Covid-19. A statement issued by the deputy PM’s office said that although Dr Fearne is not positive to the virus, he is observing the health authorities’ measures.