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What can we do to ease body pain?

When we feel pain it means that our body is calling out to us. It is telling us to check out the source of a problem in order to put things right again.  Taking medication to temporary kill the pain is not solving the problem but making it worse.

At Amrita we do not only tackle the symptoms but most importantly also the source of the problem.

Our podiatrists carry out a bio-mechanical examination and a foot scan from which they conclude a diagnosis.

The body posture is then corrected and aligned by creating a pair of custom made insoles to help the body function properly.

Foot pressures are distributed, joints released & stability & comfort given, thus helping to eliminate any previous pain or discomfort.

Many aches and pains are caused by bad body posture and disalignment. Problems like knee pain, back & hip pain, ankle pain arch pain, bunions, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, flat feet and many more can all be solved by just fitting a pair of custom made orthotics in shoes. The insoles can be easily fitted and transferred into different shoes.

There are many different types of materials from which the orthotist can choose to create a pair of insoles while taking in to consideration the diagnosis of the podiatrist, the weight and age, lifestyle, type of shoes and occupation.

Amrita Footcare & Wellness Centre is equipped with the latest technology and its professional staff is dedicated to the health and welfare of their patients and clients.

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