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Where is “the garden in the sea”?

“My grandfather always used to tell me that the most beautiful sea in the Mediterranean can be seen around id-Dwejra and today I can confirm this”.

Annie Formosa is the Curator of the Environmental Education Centre for marine matters based on the descent to Dwejra Bay. It has been open for seven years and offers a great alternative for those that do not dive because it enables them to enjoy the underwater beauties.

She commented that the public should remain conscious of how much our natural environment has to be safeguarded, especially the sea and its contribution to life on which we depend and provides clean air.

The centre was part of the project ‘Panacea’ through which Professor Alan Deidun and his team, including the San Lawrenz Local Council, wanted to raise awareness of the beauties of the underwater and the numbers of fish species and other marine creatures.

Part of the project was three documentaries highlighting the marine zone and the one about Dwejra shown to centre visitors. Viewers may see various species of fish, coral, sponges and sea stars, among others.

San Lawrenz Mayor, Noel Formosa, said that through this centre the Local Council has managed to fill an information void of a protected marine zone in the Maltese Islands. He said this enables visitors to take a holistic view of Dwejra.

He said that some thought that when the Azure Window collapsed the Dwejra area had finished. However, it would be a mistake to underestimate Dwejra’s importance. Experts say the Window had a particularly beauty and this is true but the area has many other aspects because it is unique from the point of flora and fauna, the sea, underwater and from the geological aspect.

In commemoration of the third year of the collapse of the Azure Window, on Sunday, 8th March, the Gozo Ministry has extended an invitation to the public to admire the environmental beauty of the area through the “Dwejra Looking Beyond” activity.

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