Fifty years among the bees making honey

The air was so silent, it felt you could cut through it with a knife. The only sounds were those of the leaves on the surrounding trees and the sweet gentle breeze. A stone’s throw away from the Cirkewwa terminal, Carmel Psaila has been producing Maltese honey for 50 years.

Although he is now a pensioner, you will find Mr Psaila pottering around his farm. This is heaven on earth. Here, Mr. Psaila has about 40 boxes packed to the rafters with bees. Bees, which he treasures so much that he rolls up his sleeves during honey production barely wearing a mask and protective clothing. He catches the bees with his bare hands.

In comments to Mr Psaila said that in order for honey production to be of a certain quality, he does his utmost to change the queen bees after about two years. He explained that when these are young, the production is much better.

Mr Psaila told us that bees mostly work on thyme and the North of Malta is where one finds the most thyme. The plant opens between May and June.

Mr Psaila added that without bees man would not survive. He said, that one in three items we eat is pollinated by bees.

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