Poland warns it will impose new anti-Covid 19 measures

Polish Authorities are highly concerned about a further wave of Covid infections sweeping the country and have warned they will once more impose strong restrictions. Over the last hours, more than 28.300 new infections have been registered, a 17% increase of infections reported during the previous week.

There has also been an increase of cases in Germany with 65,300 new cases being reported. Chancellor Angela Merkel said this is the fourth wave of infections hitting the country and is causing a high impact on the country. The German Parliament will be discussing the situation on Friday and restrictive measures have already been approved including regarding the use of public transport with only those passengers vaccinated permitted to use it.

Many European countries are facing the same situation, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia who have announced stronger measures against those that have not been vaccinated, hoping this will urge those that have not been vaccinated to have vaccinations administered.

The Czech Republic has approved new measures that only those that have been vaccinated to enter catering establishments and attend various other events. Together with Slovakia, employees that have not been vaccinated are not being allowed to enter their work place.