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In Wardija: filming begins of British television series “Bulletproof”

Filming is currently underway at Wardija of the British television series production of Bulletproof. The production team is in Malta for two weeks of filming during which it is estimated that €900,000 will be spent by the team. Minister for Tourism, Konrad Mizzi, said these productions are now benefiting from an incentive introduced by the Government to attract more television films and productions to be shot in Malta. Dr Mizzi said incentive is offered because such production teams are highly beneficial in their generation of economic activity.

He said the team includes about 150 extras and about 40 Maltese actors working with foreign actors while a whole supply chain is involved, whether supplying food, premises, the editing of movies, props, transport and the use of hotels for accommodation. He said all these are a great impetus to the economy. The Minister said he believes the incentive launched by the Film Commission was a wise step with the Government introducing a cashback of 40% and thus creating a healthy pipeline and also reflecting a continued healthy pipeline in the coming year.

Films Commissioner Johann Grech said the production of Bulletproof is the second one this month, the other production being a reality show for MTV International Production, which production injected just over 2 million into the country’s economy. He said that during summer more production teams are expected according to the plan that the industry does not only function on a seasonal basis.
Grech said interesting projects are due in Malta using Malta’s Film Studios as well as Malta as a location. The Commission’s aim is that there will be daily activity in the industry and it will not just function in fits and starts.

He said producers are choosing Malta because of the incentives offered, the local talent that is available, the country itself as a location but also because Malta may be used as a lookalike country for other countries, as in the case of Bulletproof who are using Malta to replicate a Cyprus environment.


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