“I played football and then my legs began to give way”

He had a long football career over 20 years but twelve years ago he was informed he had Multiple Sclerosis that affected his legs and his eyesight.

Anatole Debono, aged only 42, was a football player for a number of years and now he has experienced what it means when one needs help for medical conditions. He said today he is back on his feet and is fighting his condition helped by Bjorn Formosa and his ALS Foundation.

Anatole Debono is well-known in the football sphere spanned over many years with Premier League clubs. He said football and training were his life’s passion but 12 years ago at the age of 30 he realised there was something medically wrong with him. He suffered blurred vision and an MRI established he had two lesions in his head.

Anatole, who is married and a father, said he can never forget when he was looking after his child and ended slumped on the floor as he was preparing his baby’s bottle and luckily his wife found him in time.

He said he had never figured the day would come when he would need Bjorn Formosa and Fondazzjoni ALS, where he found a great heart and infinite help that has meant a lot to him and his family.

He said Bjorn not only helps persons suffering ALS but also persons like him with MS and other neurological condition and the help of ALS is increasing because such conditions are increasing.

Although not easy to handle the condition he has, Anatole is encouraging may hundreds of others to fight having similar conditions.

He said there are three important factors: having a positive mindset, adapting to change and fighting … and one should never give up.

Anatole will be one of the benefactors that will participate in this Sunday’s marathon for Bjorn Formosa and his Fondazzjoni ALS to gather funds for a second home.

Bjorn Formosa said next Sunday’s marathon is of great importance because he wishes that before parting from this world he leaves a second home to treat ALS and other conditions by offering a professional 24-hours service.