VIDEO: Grand Harbour illuminated by grand fireworks display

Yesterday evening the Grand Harbour was illuminated by the spectacle of the final session of the Fireworks Festival organised by the Malta Tourism Authority.

The Festival was spread over four localities, – Xagħra in Gozo, Mqabba, Mellieha and yesterday in the Grand Harbour.

These are various scenes from this spectacle in which 29 fireworks factories participated as well as 45 pyrotechnics associations throughout Malta and Gozo.

Regarded as an ornament that illuminates the sky with resplendent colours, this is a main feature of festivities throughout the Islands.

The participative arts of this spectacle carry an amount of danger and require great attention but the final product is always spectacular and often keeps breathless. The reward for the manufacturers undertaking the risks is the spectacle they provide in the skies.

The spectacle over the Maltese Island provided four nights when the skies were illuminated with extraordinary pyrotechnic skills in four localities.

It began on 4th September in Gozo and then proceeded to Mqabba and then to Mellieha and the final session over the majestic Grand Harbour, a protagonist locality where the night sky is illuminated with a splendour of colours.

The spectacle did not disappoint and was followed by many, many spectators.