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A VIDEO THAT SHOCKED: Man pushes an elderly man under the wheels of a passing truck

Video footage from a security camera in the United States earlier this week shocked the many thousands around the world who viewed it.

A hooded man is seen sitting on a bench on a pavement in Los Angeles. As a woman passes in front of him he appears to be attempting to jump up off the bench but in fact does not.

Immediately after an elderly man walks by and the man from the bench gets up and pushes the elderly man into the road in the path of a passing truck.

The elderly man finished up under the wheels of the truck and suffered very serious injuries including broken bones and a crushed lung.

The most shocking aspects of this attack were the cold-bloodied attitude of the perpetrator, that it was not a personal attack, that it took place without provocation and where the aggressor picked out a victim at random.

The aggressor was placed under arrest within 24 hours of the attack when people who viewed the video recognised the man and his jacket and informed the authorities.

Suspect arrested after shoving random passerby into LA traffic

SIDEWALK SHOVE: Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment a man pushes a random passerby into the path of an oncoming truck in downtown Los Angeles. The victim suffered a collapsed lung and multiple broken bones; the suspect has been arrested.

Gepostet von ABC World News Tonight with David Muir am Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2018

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