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Films are crucial to interpret what is going on around us

The film studies programme at the University of Malta dedicates a substantial portion of the course to the theory and practice of film and is designed to reach students who have various foundations and formation in their studies. We met with the coordinator of the programme during the ceremony to present the students’ audio visual productions at the University.

Gloria Lauri Lucente said that audio visual platforms are becoming more crucial to interpret what is happening in the world.

Prof. Lauri Lucente said that this does not just apply to news or current events which are published on social media, but particularly applies to genres such as the cinema, with an industry that attracts budgets which amount to millions.

During the ceremony featuring the work of films studies students who will be graduating this November, she said that they are spreading their wings in the developments taking place in the film industry.

“We aim for both the practical as well as theoretical component, because there are those who wish to work and sharpen their skills or develop skills which they do not yet have in production and the creation of short film and feature films, and others may wish to polish their theory.”

She said that the film studies programme at the Faculty of Arts at Masters level has the aim of strengthening the analytical and practical abilities of students while fostering their skills to help them build a career in the film industry, TV or other media.

Prof. Lauri Lucente said that the aim of this course is for the university to provide formal training, and strengthen the quality of film studies, through work experience in the field. She said that this course is improving the quality of our indigenous cinema industry.

“They will polish their skills obviously and realise which area they wish to specialise in.”

The students are the fourth group from this course who have been guided by local and foreign experts in the various aspects of film production.

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