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Fined €6,000 for accessing husband’s Facebook profile, changed password and downloaded photos

A 38-year old Qormi woman was fined €6,000 for accessing her former husband’s Facebook profile and downloaded his photos with his partner, including one portraying the woman’s naked breast.

The woman was accused of committing the crime on the 7th March 2017 and in later periods of time.

The man realized what happened when he went to collect a copy of a decree in the ongoing separation case, and found that his wife had passed on certain information both to the Court and members of her family.

The information and photos were taken from a private chat between himself and his partner.

Proof presented before Magistrate Nadine Lia resulted that the woman had accessed her husband’s Facebook profile and changed his password to one containing his name, with an insult. She then phoned him and offended him, visited his parents’ home and showed a photo of his partner appearing with the naked breast to his mother.

The partner forgave his wife, while Magistrate Lia said that the use of this photo before the Family Court should have been censured. It found the woman guilty and fined her €6,000.