Finnish national who has learned Maltese: “I live here and it is an issue of respect”

Lasse Olavi Ullven is a Finnish national who lives in Malta, and has a good command of the Maltese language. Lasse began learning the language by listening to the rosary on the radio.

Interviewed by TVAM, Lasse said he felt he should learn Maltese because it was a question of respect. He explained that if one wishes to integrate in Maltese society, it is best if one learns how to speak in Maltese.

He said that one has to make an effort to learn Maltese because apart from being a difficult language, it is easier to switch to English in order to be understood.

Marian Belsten is a British national who also felt the importance of learning Maltese once she lives in our country. She began learning the language at an MCAST course, and then continued learning it with a private tutor for the last five years. She has also learned to write well in Maltese.

See what Lasse and Marian had to say: