Fire at a shop in Marsa claims the life of a young man described by those who knew him as a kind and good person

The life of a young man of Egyptian nationality ended in tragedy when he was burned in his bed after a fire engulfed the grocery store where he worked and lived. The 25-year-old Maged Saad Malak Eshak is the latest victim of a fire that engulfed his shop in Qormi Road, Marsa which was patronised by many customers from different cultures.

Maged Saad Malak Eshak known to his customers as Maz had built up a multi-cultural clientele. Neighbors who knew him described him as a shopkeeper whose life was his shop, which on Wednesday was still open until 11 p.m.

The fire, which for some reason engulfed the shop shortly before 5 a.m., claimed his life when Maz was unable to escape the fire, which caused extensive structural damage. Police and members of the civil protection who were called to the scene early in the morning had to evacuate some neighbors due to the structural damage that developed as a result of the fire. It is understood Maz was sleeping at the back of the shop.

Maz’s sudden death shocked his neighbors. Gian Tonna, who lived in an apartment on top of his shop, was shocked by the news.

“He was actually a really nice guy, a Muslim guy, you would think we wouldn’t get along, but he was a very nice guy, the type of guy who if you owed him 1 Euro, he would tell you to pay him next time, that type of guy. ”

He added that although he heard the noise, he never imagined that Maz’s shop would catch fire.

“My sister and I came to explore and found a fire, we tried to knock on the door, but there was no answer from the guy inside, from Maz or one of the three other guys which for sure, stay inside.”

He added that he considered Maz a friend because despite coming from a different culture, he made an effort to understand those around him.

Simon Aquilina, who lives next door to the victim’s shop, said that Maz was an exemplary young man, who brought unity to an area where people from different cultures live.

“He had been here for about two years, and he was a very good boy, he would never cause problems, in fact, he would be the one to solve the problems that would sometimes arise here.”

While Mr. Aquilina counts himself lucky have escaped damage, the same can’t be said for Gian Tonna and his family given that the house where they lived suffered extensive damage due to the fire. Following on-site inspections by the Architects, the apartment above the shop was evacuated.

Magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace was informed of the case and has launched an inquiry with the help of various experts.