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Cows escape lightly after fire devastates farm

A cattle farm on the road to Dingli was burnt to the ground by raging overnight fires. Although the cause is not as yet known, the farm owner said damages are estimated at €40,000 but luckily the cows escaped unhurt.

This was the second time in the space of four years that this farm has been ravaged by fire. Last night’s fire appears to have started at about 11pm when bales of straw used as feed for the cows went up in flames. The fire flames were so fierce that clouds of smoke continued to persists until early this afternoon, despite rainfall.

A spokesperson for the Civil Protection Department said it had taken five hours before the fire was brought under control to prevent it spreading. For some reason it re-ignited again during the day and firemen had to continue to extinguish the ambers. The whole operation involved 16 firefighters and the deployment of six engines.

Farm owner Raymond Azzopardi told TVM he was asleep at home at the time when Police informed him the farm was on fire.

Dumbfounded by the scene before his eyes he said the farm had suffered a similar fate four years earlier. He estimated losses of €40,000 although the cows escaped the fire and there were no injuries.

Two vehicles near the farm were totally burnt.

A Police spokesperson confirmed that investigations are ongoing. The Duty Magistrate was informed of the incident and has launched an Inquiry.