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Fireworks spectacle in Mosta on eve of Santa Maria

The skies around Malta over the next two days will be filled with different colours as various localities celebrate the Feast of Santa Maria. TVM visited the preparations for the fireworks which will be synchronised with music, which are being let off from the Santa Maria factory in Mosta.   With the theme “Symphony of Fire” the show will include hundreds of colourful fireworks and at the end the Catherine wheels near the Mosta Church will also be let off.

With more than 6000 sparks to be used, the firework enthusiasts are anxious for the upcoming show.

The show’s co-ordinator Malcolm Zammit said that the show will consist of a 23 minute synchronised spectacle.

“We have various effects, from ground fireworks to Catherine wheels, flashes, and aerial fireworks which start off from four inches and go up to a two foot ball, for which we have become renowned here in Mosta.”

Mr Zammit said that setting up the fireworks on site is the last phase for which they have been preparing for months.

“Apart from the considerable tension until the work is finished, there is a lot of activity and work going on. We are a group of ten people at the field, and we alternate, one group goes in in the morning and another comes in the evening. We co-ordinate with each other and distribute the work.”

The spectacle “Symphony of Fire” will take place this evening and is one of the shows which will light up the skies for the feast of Santa Maria.

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