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First baby born from dead woman’s transplanted uterus

In Brazil, a baby was born thanks to a uterus which was transplanted from a dead woman. The baby was born on 15 December of last year with the case being reported now in a study in the academic journal, The Lancet.

This is the first baby to have ever been conceived and born from a uterus which was transplanted to the mother from another woman who had died. Ten similar transplants which were carried out in the past had failed or resulted in a miscarriage.

To date, there have been 39 known uterus transplants which were carried out from live donors, including women who donated their uterus to their daughters. From these transplants, 11 babies have been born.

This, however, is the first successful transplant from a dead donor. The donor was a 45-year-old woman who had three children and who died of a brain haemorrhage. The woman who received the uterus is 32 and was born with a deformed uterus, although her ovaries were good.

The uterus from the dead woman was therefore attached to the ovaries of the woman who wished to become a mother, who was given medicine to weaken her immune system so that her body would not reject the new uterus. The uterus, in fact, began to work well and after seven months the woman’s eggs which had been fertilized with her husband’s sperm were placed in the uterus.

Medical experts said that this case gives new hope to many women who need a uterus, as to date, live donors of this organ are very rare.