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First comments by former Cabinet members Agius Decelis u Mizzi

In the first comments by former Cabinet members Joe Mizzi and Anthony Agius Decelis after they had been informed they would not be part of the team of Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries of Prime Minister Robert Abela, both stated they will continue with their work in different sectors.

Joe Mizzi said he will continue fighting for Cottonera and for the South, and reiterated that just as he had always carried out his duties as a Minister, he would continue to do the same as an MP.

Mizzi added that he intends contesting the next general election.

On his part, Anthony Agius Decelis stated that Prime Minister Robert Abela has a number of projects in mind, and he will be giving his contribution to these projects. Agius Decelis reiterated he will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Prime Minister, and will continue to focus for the electoral manifesto to be implemented.

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