First ever multi-disciplinary clinic opens in home for the elderly

More than 400 senior citizens at Dar tal-Imtarfa will enjoy the services that a multi-disciplinary clinic will be offering, which for the first time will also be offering a safe and private environment.

This was announced by the Minister for the Elderly and Active Ageing Michael Farrugia earlier, during an inauguration of the first clinic of its kind in Malta, in Mtarfa.

Farrugia said the Department of Active Ageing and Community Care will also be expanding this service by opening other multi-disciplinary clinics in every Government Home for the Elderly. He added that the Department of Active Ageing and Community Care had invested in modernizing the clinic and had purchased equipment that was used by different professionals that reflects the needs of today.

Minister Farrugia said the government continued to upgrade services in homes for the elderly and even regenerating others. He said that the Home for the Elderly in Msida is expected to be demolished and rebuilt to be able to offer a better service to the elderly. He said the tender for work on the nursing home in Msida would be issued later.