First international Knights’ jousting competition at Rinella

The first international jousting competition took place at Rinella today. Although it’s called ġostra in Maltese, it’s definitely not the kind of ġostra most people are familiar with.

Another first is that a Maltese person took part in this kind of international competition.  Mario Farrugia from the Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna explained that the activity is full of tradition and history but is not a fight  or a violent confrontation, although at first one might get this impression on seeing the horseback riders swinging their lances at each other.

He said that the event used to take place to honour dignitaries, and used to serve as exercise for the Knights and members of the cavalry who used to take the opportunity in order to train.  Although Malta doesn’t have a tradition of jousting, this event  could lead to this sport also being practiced here with regular festivals held in our country as well as abroad.

At the end of the competition, trophies were presented to those participants who obtained the best results.