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First Maltese researcher nominated to study at the prestigious European University Institute in Florence

Maltese researchers can benefit from scholarships offered by the government to carry out their doctoral and post-doctoral research at the European University Institute in Florence. A few days ago, Matthias Ebejer began his doctoral studies.

Matthias Ebejer is the first Maltese researcher chosen for a doctorate degree by the board of the European University Institute in Florence. He was awarded a scholarship offered by the Maltese Government to conduct his research entitled Spirituality at War – the Knights of Malta from 1530 to 1798, in the coming four years.

“Although I am part of the Department of History, there are religious elements, theology, philosophy and also some very psychology. Because ultimately what I am trying to understand is what drives individuals to fight, knowing they are risking life and limb.”

In a visit to this educational institution, Malta’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Carmelo Abela urged researchers to benefit from scholarships to further their studies at the European University insititute.

“Our intention as a government is not only to participate in this adventure and stop here, but also to also explore other possibilities of cooperation.”

The President of the European University Institute, Professor Renaud Dehousse said that since its establishment in 1972 this institution gained a reputation as a leading international academic institution. Its four departments which focus on economics, history and civilization, law and political and social sciences welcome scholars from more than sixty countries.

We very much hope that there would be a strong interest in Malta for what this institute has to offer. It is important to stress also our engage in the logic of networking and corporation with the universities of member countries, and there is room for, not one but, several partnerships with Maltese actors.”

The European University Institute is funded by EU membership fees and through European Union funding.


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