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First Marsa Junction Project flyovers to be in use by the weekend

Infrastructure Malta is to open the first flyover structures in the Marsa Junction Project at the weekend.

Infrastructure Malta pointed out in a statement that through these two flyover structures, which jointly cover a distance of about half a kilometre, road users will have a direct route between Marsa and Luqa, towards the Airport and the Kirkop tunnels, replacing the existing route from the traffic lights near the Addolorata Cemetery. Initially, until the third and fourth flyovers are opened early next year, this two-lane connection will be used in the opposite direction towards the south, from Aldo Moro Road (Marsa) towards Giuseppe Garibaldi Road (Ħal Luqa).

This is being done so that Infrastructure Malta will be able to temporarily close the lanes presently serving this route, in the area of the Addolorata parking zone, in order to continue building the other structures in the project. These include the structures for the third and fourth flyovers, which are being constructed below the two flyovers which Infrastructure Malta will open this weekend, to form the two lanes finally linking  the route to the south from Aldo Moro Road towards Giuseppe Garibaldi Road. The first two flyovers will then start being used in the northbound route, thus completing the link in both directions between these two arterial roads.

In a similar manner, the structures of the other flyovers and new lanes which infrastructure Malta is building as part of this project will create direct connections between Aldo Moro Road and the other roads which merge at the Addolorata traffic lights. These include Sir Paul Boffa Avenue (towards Corradino and Paola), Santa Lucija Avenue (Addolorata Hill), and Marsa Road (towards Ħal Qormi).

Motorists travelling from this junction in the coming days should follow the yellow signage pointing to the new southbound direction, from the flyovers. Speed limit has been reduced to 30km per hour, for safer driving where road works are in progress, and will remain in force for all areas of the Marsa Junction Project, including travel over the new flyover structures.

During implementation of the Project, Infrastructure Malta is also collaborating with the Police authorities and Transport Malta to offer assistance to drivers in the area. Traffic Police and Transport Malta officers are being stationed in the area to follow all movements leading to the Addolorata Junction,  and to take immediate action in the event of difficulties. Drivers can contact Transport Malta on 8007 3399 to use towage services on offer in the event of vehicles suffering breakdowns when travelling in these areas.

Infrastructure Malta stated that the seven Marsa Junction Project flyovers,which will eliminate the Addolorata traffic lights, as well as 12 km of new lanes which will move separately over each other in  three different levels, will create direct connections to both north and south between arterial roads converging at this link. This will eliminate waiting time along this principal route towards the south, as well as reducing emissions caused by congestion at Marsa and other surrounding localities. New facilities will also be introduced through this project for alternative means of transport, including pavements and bicycle routes, pedestrian bridges, bus lanes, a park and ride area and new zones embellished with trees and shrubs, among new infrastructures.

The first two phases of the project, which included the re-building of Aldo Moro Road and other surrounding roads, were completed last year. Infrastructure Malta started the third phase in December. This mainly consists of the building of the flyovers. Over 35% of this 70 million project has been completed so far.

The Marsa Junction Project in co-financed by the Cohesion Fund and Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.


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