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Fish farm near Comino will be relocated six kilometres away from ‘Sikka l-Bajda’

The tuna fish farm situated in the vicinity of Comino will be relocated after the Planning Authority issued a temporary permit for two years for the relocation of six tuna cages around five kilometres away from the ‘Sikka l-Bajda’.

The Planning Authority stated that the two-year permit was issued as a temporary solution until the Fisheries Department identifies another area for aquaculture in the northern part of Malta.

The temporary permit was issued in the context of last year’s agreement between fish farms operators and the Planning Authority so that tuna cages are moved further out away from the coast. The operator was also ordered to remove all the structures at sea near Comino which will be declared as a zone of maritime conservation.

During the past weeks various other tuna cages operators moved their cages towards the aquaculture area in the Southern part of Malta according to the agreement with the Planning Authority.  The Authority had previously withdrew their permits after operators breached the licence conditions and even caused a slime with fish food along various parts of the Maltese coast.