Five-day sentence for man who tried to choke his wife

A man who assaulted his wife and tried to choke her when he had been drinking has been handed down a five-day jail term.

The couple are British nationals and live in St Paul’s Bay.

The man was charged by Inspector Godwin Scerri with having, on 30 June, frightened his wife that he would use violence against her, tried to use force on her, and also threatened and insulted her.

Giving evidence before Magistrate Rachel Montebello, the woman stated that her husband had returned home in a state of inebriation and threatened her that someone would die on that day, and had also placed his hands around her neck and tried to choke her.

The woman stated that he got hold of a T-shirt and starting hitting her with it on her leg and arm, and started reviling her and telling her she needed to be beaten.

The man stated that the problems with his wife resulted from the behaviour of her daughter who had returned from Britain, and he believed she was involved in drugs and was keeping bad company.

He admitted he had been drinking and could not recall what words and gestures he had used in regard to his wife.

During the hearing, the woman expressed the wish for proceedings not to continue as these were being lengthened and their relationship had improved.

After hearing both parties, Magistrate Montebello found the man not guilty on the first count but guilty on the other two counts.

The Magistrate remarked that the man had acted with intent to hurt his wife, although she had not suffered any injuries.

When handing down sentence, the Magistrate noted that the man had apologised to his wife, she had forgiven him and their relationship had improved.

Besides the five-day jail sentence, Magistrate Montebello bound over the accused not to annoy his wife for a twelve-month period, against a 500 euro fine.