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Five Maltese political parties are all against abortion

Five political parties in Malta have declared that they are against abortion. This was stated by representatives of the parties during a celebration in favour of life, held at St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta and organised by the Movment for the Rights, Protection and Development of the Unborn Child.

Day of Life was celebrated, among others, by a manifestation in favour of life from conception, held at the Oratory of St John’s Co-Cathedral.

Psychotherapist Eleanor Borg, who runs the Hope programme for the Gift of Life Foundation, stated that women who choose to have an abortion continue to carry the consequences throughout their lives, as a result of the trauma they go through. Borg added that when a woman decides against abortion, she is saving both the baby and the mother.

Minister Jose’ Herrera said Government cannot draw up its policies on morality or religiosity, but rather, on ethics. Dr Herrera stated that Government believes abortion is not ethically justified in society, and added that he did not see the need for this to be enshrined in the Constitution, saying there are other laws to protect life.

Nationalist Party deputy leader David Agius said the party would continue working in favour of safeguarding life from conception to death. Agius added that even unbelievers reach the conclusion, after studying the matter, that life has to be given full protection.

MP Godfrey Farrugia stated that science confirms life starts at conception, and appealed for Parliament to discuss the motion presented by the Democratic Party. Dr Farrugia explained that the embryo is a complete person rather than just a few cells.

AD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said Alternattiva Demokratika never supported abortion. He remarked that even in Malta, those in favour of abortion were being provided with this service.  Cacopardo added that until the insults don’t stop, it will not be possible for these to be given the assistance they need at a difficult moment in their lives.

Ivan Grech Mintoff on behalf of Alleanza Bidla said the principle in favour of life is one which will benefit everyone, include those who do not believe.

Acting President Dolores Cristina stated that the baby in the womb should be given the greatest possible protection at law. She explained that the principle of being pro-life is not a religious but a human one, as there are many who do not believe and who are still against abortion and in favour of life.  Mrs Cristina stated that it is not enough for the country to speak out against abortion, but together with non-governmental organisations, it should provide services for pregnant women to be given assistance to give birth to their child.