Five new cases of Coronavirus in Malta – number of infected patients goes up to 53

Confirmation of five new cases of Coronavirus in Malta, bringing the total number of infected patients up to 53.

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci stated during a media conference that 304 swabs were carried out yesterday, resulting in these five new cases. A total of 1,183 swabs have been carried out to date.

The new cases confirmed today include those of a 56-year-old woman whose relative visited Brussels. There is also a case of a 29-year-old Maltese male who visited the UK and who quarantined himself on his return.

The third case is a 33-year-old Spanish national who lives in Malta, and who had gone to Madrid. When he came back, the man had returned to work for a short time two days before the symptoms appeared, and there are no high risks of spreading.

The fourth case involves a 35-year-old Maltese man who went to Brussels, and who also quarantined himself on his return. Finally, a 64-year-old Maltese man, whose relatives visited the UK and had already tested positive, also tested positive. Even in this case, the man had quarantined himself.

Profesor Gauci stated that the majority of cases are travel-related, and others of local transmission which were linked to groups of which they had already been aware, but some others have been infected within the community.

The Superintendent reiterated her appeal for people to remain indoors in order to stop the spread of the virus within the community. Professor Gauci also reminded about the washing of hands and items.

The Superintendent also appealed to anyone feeling unwell to call on helpline 111.

Gepostet von Television Malta am Donnerstag, 19. März 2020

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