Five women who are postponing childbirth choose to freeze their eggs

The Chief Executive of the Embryo Protection Authority, Simone Attard, said that five Maltese women who did not want to become mothers for the time being and who are more focused on their careers have decided to freeze their eggs.

Talking to Television Malta, Ms Attard also revealed that eggs belonging to foreigners will be imported into Malta for Maltese infertile women .

Last year, five Maltese women requested their eggs to be frozen because they had no desire to have children. “Women struggle with age and fertility which do not go hand in hand. Maybe young people don’t think about it but then when they are in their late 30s and 40s, there are often problems.”

The Authority is working hard to be able to import foreign women’s eggs in the future so that they can be used for Maltese infertile women.

We have over 14 pending applications. Obviously when this service is licensed the process of these applications will continue.

The sperm donation service bears the Authority’s stamp of approval. In the last two years a total of 26 requests were made including requests from single women and lesbian couples. To date there have been no Maltese sperm donors. By law, donations cannot be made to people who are related.

We have 17 heterosexual couples who also need to make use of a sperm donor because of a medical reason on the part of the husband, which requires us to get sperm from overseas.

Demands for sperm freezing are increasing with the Authority receiving about 5 requests a week. “Chemotherapy brings about a lack of fertility, so we have preserved fertility before the chemotherapy process starts.” This service is also offered to transgender people.

Since the establishment of the Authority 8 annual reports were made. From these reports, it transpired that infertility in Malta affects one in six couples in. The reports show that infertility is found mostly in the centre of the country. Ms Attard said a study would be carried out to find out the reasons for this.