FKNK asks Government to remove Pauline Miceli and Alison Bezzina

The Federation of Hunters, Trappers and Conservationists (FKNK) has officially requested the Government to immediately remove the Commissioner for Children Pauline Miceli and Animal Welfare Commissioner, Alison Bezzina.

The organisation said that both of them expressed what they described as “personal emotional beliefs” about hunting which they gave in their comments about the controversy which arose after Bird Life Malta published a photo of what appears to be a hunter showing a boy how to hunt.

The FKNK said that with their comments both Miceli and Bezzina went beyond their roles and asked whether children should be informed that much of the food they eat involves the slaughter of animals.

It made it clear that if the Government does not listen to it and remove Miceli and Bezzina it will take legal action and is even ready to hold street protests.