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FKNK expressed concern prior to EP vote on lead shots in wetlands

Hunters federation, ‘Federazzjoni Kaċċaturi Nassaba Konservazzjonisti’ (FKNK) said that it wrote to the six Maltese Europarliamentarians regarding a vote which may be taken in the European Parliament next Wednesday on a draft regulation by the European Commission to restrict the use of lead shots in wetlands.

FKNK stated that it is not against the gradual removal of lead shots on wetlands, however it added that the EC proposal represents a serious interference with the European Union’s legal principles and a breach of the hunters’ fundamental rights.

This is due to the fact that with the proposed regulation, every citizen who carries lead ammunition up to 100 metres of a lake is perceived as guilty and has to prove his innocence himself, contrary to existing EU laws where the presumption of innocence is fundamental.

It added that the creation of a legal presumption is the competence of the member state itself and not of the Commission.

FKNK also expressed concern on the difficulty for the distinction between shooting near wetlands and those lands which aren’t, due to the definition of the wetlands in this proposal.

The hunters’ federation is appealing to the Maltese MEPs to vote for the proposal to be sent back to the EC’s Scientific Agency for more work and amendments so that the enforced law may work adequately and is inforced in practice.