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FKNK releases 5 barn owlets in the Buskett area

Hunters’ Federation, FKNK, announced that it has released five barn owlets in the Buskett gardens area.

In a statement, FKNK said this was part of the federation’s project “Introduzzjoni mill-Ġdid tal-Barbaġann fil-Kampanja Maltija”, which it launched in 2017 and based near the Razzett tal-Bagħal in Buskett.

The hunters’ federation stated that on the 11th July 2021, it placed at the appropriate time the first three owlets in the Hacking Box which is left open so that the barn owl may fly outside. The owlets were named Tyto and Alba (Tyto alba is the barn owl’s scientific name).

On the 21st August, the box was opened and the owlets flew away. Two other owlets were placed in the Hacking Box in the beginning of September and was opened a few days later.

FKNK added that, with the assistance of tenor Joseph Calleja, it will introduce in the future the project in another area, even in urban localities. Another plan is to install a number of Nest Boxes in Buskett aimed for breeding the barn owl in the wild in Maltese countryside.