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FKNK urges hunters and trappers to vote

The Federation of Hunters, Trappers and Conservationists, FKNK, in a statement is urging hunters and trappers as well as their families not to abstain from voting on Saturday.

The FKNK said it was making this appeal as it believes that in order to solve problems created for hunting and trapping hobbies as soon as Malta joined the European Union, it is important to place trust in those who are ready to work in favour of safeguarding the socio-cultural traditions of hunting and trapping.

The FKNK added that on 30 April this year it had published a document listing the candidates who had replied to a questionnaire drawn up by the Federation in regard to hunting and trapping.

For this reason the FKNK is urging hunters and trappers and their families to go through the document in detail and see who has worked and will continue to work on behalf of the interests of hunters and trappers, among those who may be elected to the European Parliament.

Check the FKNK document here


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