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So far in 2020, 35 new foreign companies have been attracted to Malta

During the first ten months of this year Malta Enterprise has succeeded in attracting 35 foreign companies to Malta, that is, three more over the same period last year.

While being interviewed during the annual EY conference, the Minister for the Economy, Silvio Schembri, said that despite the problems brought about by the pandemic, five companies also implemented enlargement projects.

Opposition Spokesperson Claudio Grech said the recovery plan issued by the Nationalist Party gives priority to health and shows concerns over an increase of prospective investors that have no confidence in Malta.

Minister Schembri said that from the start of the year, despite the onset of the pandemic, Malta Enterprise has succeeded in continuing to attract greater foreign investment in the country and in fact the number of those attracted now stands more than the total number during the whole of 2019.

He said the number so far is that of 35 new investments and these are spread over various sectors and not one particular sector because these include manufacturing and security, AI and blockchain.

Minister Schembri said 11 of the attracted investors were in the science sector, eight in manufacturing and eight others in aviation, marine affairs and logistics while four others involved training and four others in the digital sector including Artificial Intelligence. He said that over and above there have also been five enlargement projects of investments by companies already operating in the country and these will commence in the coming months.

Opposition Spokesperson for the Economy, Claudio Grech, said the PN has announced a detailed Recovery Plan the priority of which is health over and above anything else aimed at reducing the transmission rate to below 1. He said the Nationalist Party is concerned that that over a quarter of foreign investors are no longer interested in Malta for commercial purposes and the first step in this matter is that the truth emerges and is assured over the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. He said that when this happen he will personally approach investors to convince them to renew their confidence in Malta.