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In Italy: Baby boy abandoned in hospital because of rare genetic condition at birth

A baby boy born with the very rare condition known as harlequin ichthyosis, meaning it is highly detrimental to be in direct sunlight, has been found abandoned in a Turin hospital.

Giovannino is just four months old and was born with this one-in-a-million condition causing the body to produce dry skin among other conditions.

Hospital staff are taking care of Giovannino but he cannot remain in hospital for ever.

Italian journals are reporting that the authorities are trying to locate the boy’s parents to offer them assistance. Efforts are also underway to try and locate a safe temporary home for Giovannino, providing care and help for his upbringing.

Nurses are continually covering the baby boy with moisturisers throughout the day. They said that Giovannino is thrilled when hearing music and loves being cuddled.

Since this heartbreaking story was publicised many persons have been contacting the hospital in efforts to secure his adoption.

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