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In Italy: Ends up in a pornographic picture posted on Facebook

Dino Giarruso, a former journalist with “Le Iene” and an Italian candidate in the EU Parliament elections in the name of the party 5 Stelle finished up being featured naked in a picture that has been described as being pornographic.

A picture of him naked, apparently a selfie, was featured on Facebook for four hours before it was removed.

Giarruso appeared standing naked in the bathroom with his shirt pulled up. Although the picture had been carefully edited so as to avoid causing offence it was obvious the position he adopted was a compromising one.

The person who posted the picture alleged that Giarruso often sends pictures of that nature to his female friends.

The Italian media is speculating that the incident may be a pay-back for a journalistic item that Giarruso had written regarding allegations that the Italian film director Fausto Brizzi had allegedly carried out sexual harassment. Later, Brizzi was found not guilty of the allegation.

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